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About the typeface

To celebrate the end of this year and our latest release ↦ModelStandard we have designed a special monster cut(e).
Shrek#Issue is a font-family containing 2 font-families, Compressed and Condensed. Each family has 3 sub-family, Mono + SemiMono + Sans-serif and each has 3 weights Regular, Medium and Bold. And last but not least this typeface is also a variable font.
For each purchase the Condensed version is offers. Each style and packs have a special price: - Per style (2 fonts) = 25€ - Sub-family (6 fonts) = 45€ - Variable font (containing all styles in classic format + variable format) = 60€.

We hope you will enjoy this cruel design!

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Type Release

Monster Ring Nightmares Midnight Offer Green Kult Compress Hands

The next day, as the Master explains to Collin, the Anointed One, how wonderful he finds fear, Buffy is nervous about being picked up by her father after school, and her mother calms her down. At school, Willow and Xander are worried about the spiders, and want to talk to Giles about it. Giles mutters that he "got lost," seemingly in the stacks of books. Giles has no information on the spiders so the gang goes to talk to Wendell, who explains he has been having recurring spider nightmares.


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Overview pre-defined styles

    ModelStandard-Shreck#Issue Compressed Monospace
  • Compressed Mono Regular
  • Compressed Mono Medium
  • Compressed Mono Bold
    ModelStandard-Shreck#Issue Compressed SemiMono
  • Compressed SemiMono Regular
  • Compressed SemiMono Medium
  • Compressed SemiMono Bold
    ModelStandard-Shreck#Issue Compressed Sans
  • Compressed Sans Regular
  • Compressed Sans Medium
  • Compressed Sans Bold
    ModelStandard-Shreck#Issue Condensed Monospace
  • Condensed Mono Regular
  • Condensed Mono Medium
  • Condensed Mono Bold
    ModelStandard-Shreck#Issue Condensed SemiMono
  • Condensed SemiMono Regular
  • Condensed SemiMono Medium
  • Condensed SemiMono Bold
    ModelStandard-Shreck#Issue Condensed Sans
  • Condensed Sans Regular
  • Condensed Sans Medium
  • Condensed Sans Bold

Until Dec.24 00:00 (FR)

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