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Pizza Typefaces is Adrien Midzic and Luc Borho. We bake typeface for everyone. We create bespoke font and custom existing font from our catalogue on request. Please get in touch for informations and pricing.

General informations


The licenses describe this right of use and the basic license cover 1 employee and 1 website.
If you need more than 1 employee, more than 1 website or other use, please contact us in this case.
Designer has no need to buy a license for their client. The client have to be the license owner. Else both need a license according to their company size.


For desktop we provide our fonts in .otf or .ttf (variable) format.
Webfonts are deliver in .woff2 format and/or Base64.

What you buy

When you purchase one of our font, you buy the right of use of the font. The font is never the property of the user. The licenses describe this right of use and the basic license cover one employee and one website.
The purchase gives you 2 days to download a folder that include the license file, the font in .otf or .ttf (variable) format and a web version encoded in .Woff2 and/or Base64.
The font and licences are nonreturnable and nonrefundable.

Basic license

When you purchase one of our font, you download a folder that include a desktop version and a web version of the font. It’s a pack. The licenses include the use on

  • 1 employee
  • 1 website with 0-50k views/per month

Large License

Get in touch if the limit are exceeded or if you know in a better way the future use of the fonts you will purchased, we can provide you a quote.


Use the font on all of the computers in your company, while designing for print and/or screen.

Embedded the font on a website.

Embedded the font into a digital product or a Mobile app.

-Social Media:
Included with the Web/Print license until 25k followers (all social accounts combined).
Else, please get in touch with the actual number of followers (all social accounts combined). No more update after that.

Cover broadcasting beyond social media, such as video streaming, TV, cinéma, video advertising, digital billboard, or video clips longer than one minute.
Please get in touch.

If the font is used for a logo or word mark of a company, an additional fee applies if the company’s yearly gross revenue is above $5M.
Please get in touch.

-Game: Embedded the font into online and offline video game.
Please get in touch.

We can custom our existing font, an additional fee applies corresponding on creative time fee and exclusive use.
Please get in touch.

-Other specific use are available.
Please get in touch with informations.

Variable fonts

Nowadays Adobe trilogy, Sketch and modern browser allow the use of variable fonts. We believe in that new format and stay tuned to see it grown-up into softwares.


When you provide a .pdf the font is automatically encapsulated in the file but sometime you need to give your source file with the font. When it is for a quick use for your printer, of course you can give him the font. Just make sure he delete it afterward.


Our trial version can be downloaded for student projet. You just need to create an account. It’s not an obligation but like we love to see how our fonts are used you can credit the font and Pizza Typefaces.


Designing a font is cool but modify one is not. We worked hard to provide you these fonts, it is forbidden to modify them. Please respect our typefaces with love.

What you can do with our fonts

• You can use the font to produce any kind of design work including logo/trademarks.

• You can use the font licensed as ‘Basic license’ on Print and one Website. Please see the ‘General Informations’ for the EULA

What you’re not allowed to do

• give or sell the font to someone else.

• open the font in font editor software.

• convert the font in any other formats.

• change the name of the font.

• modify or add caracteres to the font.

• exploit the font for commercial productions focusing only on the design and the characters of the font. For example, to sale a poster based only on one letter(s) or the alphabet. In this case you are not creating with the use of the font but your are using the typographical character as the main visuel element.


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Special orders
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