PizzaTypefaces is a French type design studio run by Adrien Midzic and Luc Borho.

PizzaTypefaces offers customs and retails typefaces, web typography solutions and consulting. The studio works with a network of satellite member friends around the world, especially when it comes to different culture or intercultural project.

PizzaTypefaces is commissioned for all kind of projects in relation with type design or typography technology and engineering. PizzaTypefaces continues to dig into the future of the typography like evolving into the variable-font format.

Our fonts are only available on our shop.

We do love to see how our fonts are used. Don't be shy share us your artworks :)

Chatting on Insta and Twitter: @pizzatypefaces
By mail:

♥️ Code&Dev: Ahmed Ghazi & Font Ninja - Design: Borho Studio

We can create custom font in close collaboration with you. We already made it for international brand like Penguin Books USA, Publicis Groupe and for local companies, Mane Fragrances, Boissinot&Tailliez or for friends.
All our existing fonts can be customized.

We would like, but for now we can't welcome interns and we don't have job offer.