You only need to know 2 things:

- The Company size of your client
- The Type of License required

In other terms, you just need to know

- A range of total number of employees of your client's company (see below in details)
- The kind of use he will do with. (see below in details)

You can purchase the License on behalf of your client but you will not own the License, the size of the company being that of your client and not yours (except in the case of a personal project or a project distributed by yourself. Your own company size will be take in count).

The font can be installed on all stations of the company concerned.
Your client lends you the font to work with and you’re covered by his license.

We do not offer a subscription. The license is sold for an unlimited period. Only the addition of an additional kind of use will be the subject of a new order with the size of the company concerned at the time T.

This is the total number of employees working in your client’s company. It is not the number of posts on which the police will be installed, nor is it the number of employees of the communication department or other of the company concerned, or the number of people who will use the font.

Fonts can be used in different media, which is why we offer different types of licenses. Only the types of licenses not foreseen during the first purchase must be acquired in relation to the new size of the company.
License fees are one-time fees. There are no subscription fees and no company size updates within the same license type.

Print + Social Media

• Install the fonts on all computers of the same company and use them for print and screen works (documents, PDF, objects, packaging, merchandising, signage, and similar things).
• Share designs displaying the font across the social media of the company or the brand. If you’re making video content for social media then you’ll also need to buy a video license.


Embed and use the fonts on 1 web domain with the @font-face CSS method. There’s no limit to the amount of web traffic. For each additional web domain you will have to buy another and separate web license. You can only use WOFF2 files that we gave you (not files like OTF or TTF).


Embed the fonts into 1 app (which could be a mobile app, web app, digital point of sale system, etc.) or 1 video game. If you want to use them for another app or video game you’ll need to buy another separate app/game license.


Use the fonts for Cinema, Streaming platform, VOD, Broadcast online, Advertising movie, .


Create a logo for 1 brand. If you want to do it for an additional brand you’ll have to buy another Logo license. You can use that logo everywhere (including in print, on social media, in videos, etc.). You can convert the font to outlines in design software and edit those outlines to design a logo.


A trial license, which is free, allows you to use our trial fonts to decide if you want to buy a license. If you’re a designer, you can also use trial fonts to pitch design directions to your clients.

Students and non-profit organisation

We offers on demand 70% discount for all students and non-profit organisation.
A student license allows you to use the fonts for personal projects during your studies, but not for client work.
Contact us

Here you know everything:)

All sales are final. Please double check your basket before to proceed payment.
We cannot give refunds or exchange font licenses because we have no way of verifying that you no longer have copies of the font software.

For any doubt please take a look above. Else we are always here to chat with U.

  • When do I need to upgrade my license?
  • What does it mean Unlimited for company size metric?
  • Do specials characters are include into the trial fonts?
  • I'm a student, do you make discount?
  • How to get a customer account
  • How to purchase a font
  • How to get a trial version
  • What is Variable fonts?
  • Would I get the Variable font when I purchase a Complete or a Family?
  • Which fonts format delivers Pizza Typefaces
  • Does Pizza accept to modify one of their existing typefaces?
  • Do you accept custom font commission?
  • 'Font book' find problems ?
  • Variable Font Export - Issue 1 : in PostScript (PS) / Print the Booklet
  • Do you accept to refund a purchase?

Restrictions :(
- Use the fonts in a political or religious context without getting our permission
- Use the fonts to promote violence or discrimination
- Convert the fonts to different formats
- Modify, reverse engineer, decompile or disassemble fonts
- Make derivative works based on the fonts
- Rename font name
- Embed the fonts in a way that end users can access them
- Give the fonts to anyone without a copy of this contract
- Use the fonts for a non-fungible token (aka an NFT) without getting our permission
- Put the fonts on public servers
- Put the fonts in public repositories (e.g. GitHub…)
- Use trials for commercial use, for all media. It would expose you to legal actions and majorations.

Boring but Legal

  • Privacy policy
  • General terms and conditions of sales
  • Contract & Grant of rights
  • Subcontractor

PizzaTypefaces work in collaboration with Font Radar to check the license enforcement to prevent typeface piracy.
Their emails are not spam. Don't worry sometimes it's just a simple check. ✌️