Standard Thin

Standard Thin Italic

Standard Light

Standard Light Italic

Standard Regular

Standard Italic

Standard Medium

Standard Medium Italic

Standard Bold

Standard Bold Italic

Standard Black

Standard Black Italic

Waffle Thin

Waffle Thin Italic

Waffle Light

Waffle Light Italic

Waffle Regular

Waffle Italic

Waffle Medium

Waffle Medium Italic

Waffle Bold

Waffle Bold Italic

Waffle Black

Waffle Black Italic

WildWaffle Thin

WildWaffle Thin Italic

WildWaffle Light

WildWaffle Light Italic

WildWaffle Regular

WildWaffle Italic

WildWaffle Medium

WildWaffle Medium Italic

WildWaffle Bold

WildWaffle Bold Italic

WildWaffle Black

WildWaffle Black Italic

In use


Forno Typeface is a geometric genre font offers 3 sub families:
- ‘Standard’ for a traditional geometric flavor.
- ‘Waffle’ for a pure geometric bauhaus's sensation.
- ‘WildWaffle’ or a well-topped waffle with your favorite topping.
Through all the design space of the font you can have access to, at least, 6 weights and their italics and make your own recipe in blending alternates forms and different font styles from the 3 families.

Design & Production: PizzaTypefaces