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The Gangsta Typeface is Old Grotesk inspired.
It’s celebrates the beauty of contrast in typography and in people . Because everyone has a lil gangster in them. Nodding to its historical roots in the 1920s, Gangsta is a contemporary typeface that combines a sharp contrast with angled terminal strokes that curve inward ever so slightly. These elements are simple but effective, lending the typeface character while being practically invisible at small sizes. A brave alternative to homogenized grotesks, it’s a multifunctional workhorse designed to do wonders both in print and on screen, including for logo design, brand identities, websites, packaging, posters and headlines. Its slightly condensed width is carefully tuned for small sized body text as well.

Gangsta was commissioned by Fresh Fonts, an email newsletter promoting the work of independent type designers and small, emerging foundries. Gangsta Typeface is free for personal and commercial use when signing up for their newsletter!

Design: PizzaTypefaces
Production: PizzaTypefaces