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The Hop Compressed typeface is a compact, "Impact"-inspired font style. The main features brought here to stand out from these existing compact styles and to explore this kind of font, resides in a calligraphic approach in the connection between the stems and the bowls, offering a wide range of weights, switch to a rounded companion in all styles and to conclude a fun stylistic set to bring lowercase letters to the top of uppercase.
Hop Compressed includes two families: Hop Compressed Normal for strong and straight letterforms. The Hop Rounded for smooth and soft sensations.
The Hop Compressed font is also a variable font, 2 axes (Weight 'wght' / Custom 'cstm') with which you can choose the weight, from 100 (Thin weight) to 900 (Ultra weight) - the corner radius from 0 (none) to 100 (fully rounded).
Rounded or not to be? That is the question. As a famous English man might have said :)

Available in Expanded — Hop Expanded

Design & production: PizzaTypefaces