Compressed Thin

Compressed Thin Italic

Compressed Light

Compressed Light Italic

Compressed Regular

Compressed Italic

Compressed Medium

Compressed Medium Italic

Compressed Bold

Compressed Bold Italic

Compressed Black

Compressed Black Italic

Condensed Thin

Condensed Thin Italic

Condensed Light

Condensed Light Italic

Condensed Regular

Condensed Italic

Condensed Medium

Condensed Medium Italic

Condensed Bold

Condensed Bold Italic

Condensed Black

Condensed Black Italic

Standard Thin

Standard Thin Italic

Standard Light

Standard Light Italic

Standard Regular

Standard Italic

Standard Medium

Standard Medium Italic

Standard Bold

Standard Bold Italic

Standard Black

Standard Black Italic

Extended Thin

Extended Thin Italic

Extended Light

Extended Light Italic

Extended Regular

Extended Italic

Extended Medium

Extended Medium Italic

Extended Bold

Extended Bold Italic

Extended Black

Extended Black Italic

Expanded Thin

Expanded Thin Italic

Expanded Light

Expanded Light Italic

Expanded Regular

Expanded Italic

Expanded Medium

Expanded Medium Italic

Expanded Bold

Expanded Bold Italic

Expanded Black

Expanded Black Italic

In use


Like we start to cringe about Helvetica 😆
Kern is a sans-serif genre and not so neutral, slightly twisted in its details.
Kern offers 5 predefined widths: Compressed, Condensed, Standard, Extended, Expanded and 6 weights balanced from Thin to Black + Italics.

Design & Production: PizzaTypefaces