Mono Regular

Mono Italic

Mono Medium

Mono Medium Italic

Mono Bold

Mono Bold Italic

SemiMono Regular

SemiMono Italic

SemiMono Medium

SemiMono Medium Italic

SemiMono Bold

SemiMono Bold Italic

Sans Regular

Sans Italic

Sans Medium

Sans Medium Italic

Sans Bold

Sans Bold Italic

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ModelStandard is a collection offering 3 sub families: ModelStandard Mono, ModelStandard SemiMono, ModelStandard Sans. Each of them contains, at least, 3 weights and their italics.
Through the design space of the font you can play with the width of the serifs and turn the Monospace into a Proportional font.
A deep research was made about typewriter historical typefaces and the most accurate lineal font from the 20th century.

Design & Production: PizzaTypefaces