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Short Thin

Short Thin Italic

Short Light

Short Light Italic

Short Regular

Short Italic

Short Medium

Short Medium Italic

Short Bold

Short Bold Italic

Short Black

Short Black Italic

Standard Thin

Standard Thin Italic

Standard Light

Standard Light Italic

Standard Regular

Standard Italic

Standard Medium

Standard Medium Italic

Standard Bold

Standard Bold Italic

Standard Black

Standard Black Italic

Tall Thin

Tall Thin Italic

Tall Light

Tall Light Italic

Tall Regular

Tall Italic

Tall Medium

Tall Medium Italic

Tall Bold

Tall Bold Italic

Tall Black

Tall Black Italic


Regina Typeface is our Futura but, as if the Gothic Avant-Garde had interfered. It offers more than a geometric style font with the Uppercase ligatures and specifics letters form design give it a high elegance.
Regina offers 3 sub families:
- ‘Short’ with balanced x-height and Ascenders height.
- ‘Standard’ with an high x-height and high Ascenders.
- ‘Tall’ for Futura lovers with a low x-height and high Aescenders&Uppercases.
Through all the design space of the font you can have access to, at least, 6 weights and their italics and make your own recipe in blending alternates forms and different font styles from the 3 families. You could also choose the perfect height of Uppercases and Ascenders for your project with our 'Custom Instance' tool ;)

Design & Production: PizzaTypefaces