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A Thin

A Thin Italic

A Thin Supa

A Light

A Light Italic

A Light Supa

A Regular

A Italic

A Supa

A Medium

A Medium Italic

A Medium Supa

A Bold

A Bold Italic

A Bold Supa

A Black

A Black Italic

A Black Supa

C Thin

C Thin Italic

C Thin Supa

C Light

C Light Italic

C Light Supa

C Regular

C Italic

C Supa

C Medium

C Medium Italic

C Medium Supa

C Bold

C Bold Italic

C Bold Supa

C Black

C Black Italic

C Black Supa

T Thin

T Thin Italic

T Thin Supa

T Light

T Light Italic

T Light Supa

T Regular

T Italic

T Supa

T Medium

T Medium Italic

T Medium Supa

T Bold

T Bold Italic

T Bold Supa

T Black

T Black Italic

T Black Supa

In use


Version is a multifaceted 🪩 typeface which suits for a large design adventure environment.
3 sub families has been pre-defined:
- Version A: a neutral and solid sans-serif
- Version C: a slightly contrasted sans-serif
- Version T: a high contrasted sans-serif typefaces
You could find some letter shape treasure in the Supa italic (actually a 30° italic) especially in the Version T 'S,s' shapes.

Design: PizzaTypefaces with a great help of Laurène Girbal
Production: PizzaTypefaces